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4 Reasons Being Single Ruins Your Health

single guy consulting a doctor
Can marriage improve your health? Read to learn more.

Did you know that married men live longer?

That’s what a 2019 Harvard Health Publishing article is reporting. A survey of 127,545 American adults participants found:

  • Married men live longer than single men or those whose marriage ended in a divorce or widowed;

  • Men who marry after the age of 25 have better health than those who marry earlier; and

  • Men who remain married live longer than their unmarried peers.

What does this mean for those who choose to remain single?

From this study, choosing to be single isn’t a harmless choice for men these days. When you choose to be single, you are also choosing to have an increased mortality rate. Indeed, a man can’t live happily alone.

It’s not just true for American men. It’s true for any man around the world. This is according to a 1990 study in Demography. There is a connection between being married and living longer found in a “wide variety of cultures.”

It doesn’t matter which part of the world you come from. Men live longer when they find a wife. Companionship has that kind of wonder that is almost telling us that this is the life you’re meant to find despite what others have told you. Your health shows that being married contributes to medical wellness for men.

Those who’ve chosen married lives aren’t experiencing loneliness and are outliving their single peers.

But what about you?

Who doesn’t want to live a longer life? Ironically, who knew that it could be as simple as finding someone to share your life with? A life that has traditionally been there with us for centuries. When a man and woman who love each other start a family, they find fulfillment and the joy of raising children.

How exactly do you live longer?

1. You are more likely to survive cancer.

Single men have a greater chance to be diagnosed with advanced stages of cancer than those who remain single. As you live with your wife, she can see habitual changes that take place in your life. They might seem ordinary for both of you, but to a trained doctor, these are signs of a life-threatening disease.

Studies also show that if married men are diagnosed with cancer, they live longer than their single counterparts. Men with their marriages intact compared to their divorced counterparts were reported to even have a higher chance of survival.

2. You will have a healthier heart.

If you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes, you are more likely to survive being married than being single. Hospital data between January 2000 and March 2013 was obtained on 900,000 patients that were diagnosed with these conditions and then compared with their marital status.

Those with high cholesterol had a 16% higher survival rate. A 14% higher chance of survival was discovered in those married with diabetes. Lastly, those married with high blood pressure had a 10% greater chance of survival if married.

This research “suggests that marriage offers a protective effect.” This means that your spouse helps provide the support needed to avoid heart disease.

The senior researcher added that earlier studies found a similar effect of marriage on heart health in the case of heart attacks. It was found that married men had a higher chance of surviving a heart attack than those who were single.

It seems to further build the case that men who are married have healthier hearts than their single counterparts.

3. Your wife will make sure you’re healthy.

There are some things in life we can never see. That’s why we need others to notice them for us. Being married will ensure that you have the whole picture.

It might seem like a nagging wife that minds your bad habits like smoking and drinking is a downer on your life. Her focus on discouraging these bad habits as well as other risky behavior improves your survivability in the long run.

Apart from discouragement, symptoms of the disease will be detected earlier and treated. Recovery rates from minor illnesses, a higher chance of seeking treatment, and healthier diets will happen to married men than single.

In short, having a wife will contribute an overall benefit to your general health and contribute to living a few more years by encouraging a healthy lifestyle and a higher rate of survivability.

4. You will improve your mental state.

A good marriage provides excellent emotional support. It contributes to your mental health apart from improving your physical recovery rates.

Dementia, depression, and psychiatric disorders have been shown to occur less in married men than in those who are single. Those who are divorced or separated from their spouse are known to have a higher risk of falling into deep mental illness, and depression.

Having a wife ensures that you have the psychological support that you need to avoid mental illness in the future. But what about positive psychological benefits? There are higher happiness ratings in a nation’s male population when it has higher rates of marriage.

If you want to live longer, get married.

Living longer is one of the hidden benefits of marriage. It’s been seen through countless medical studies that married men live longer than single men.

Living longer by itself shouldn’t be a reason to marry anyone. However, these benefits that marriage provides shouldn’t be ignored. It provides an avenue for you to share your life with another person and at the same time improves your well-being.

It is usually said that the goal of medicine is to preserve your health. Anything that you do to improve your health should also be done. Consider it as a long-term investment to live longer and see more than the world has to offer.

Live longer with your wife. Take joy in watching many more years of seeing how your family and grandchildren live out their lives.

grandfather with her granddaughter
Live longer and experience the joy of seeing your grandchildren grow up!

If you’ve ever needed to ask how to improve your health and wellness for yourself in the future, then the best answer you can give yourself is to simply find a lifelong love and get married.

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Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 19 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 25 June, 2024
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