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Craigslist vs. Ukraine Singles - Women Seeking Men

Dating sites and best online marriage agency services have massively taken over the world of romance. These sites have brought together men and women who are seeking to find someone for a serious relationship. In modern times, it continues to pave the way for more love searchers from all over the world. Many of these men and women searching for love are not just looking toward casual dating, but rather a long-term relationship (LTR) that could lead to marriage. Thousands of companies have capitalized on this opportunity.

Two of the most well-known companies to offer this kind of service in Ukraine are Ukraine Singles and Craigslist. More or less, both companies provide the same kind of services with regard to dating and marriage matching. There are a couple of factors that differentiate these two, however. Below is a clear comparison between Craigslist and Ukraine singles that can help clients choose which company to work with.

Ukraine Singles' Marriage Agency Online

Craigslist is one of the oldest dating platforms in the world.


Craigslist is popular worldwide especially in America. It has multiple services particularly a personals section where men seeking for girls to love can be found. The availability of these girls are quite numerous too.

The quality of service that Craigslist provides has already been tested through time. There have been both positive and negative feedback from those who have used it before.

Personals are Random

Perhaps the biggest downfall of Craigslist is its lack of a host company. All the accounts there are handled by the women personally. Thus, no one can verify their existence, as well as their background. Many users before have complained about some of the personals being scammers.

There have been many instances of members getting played on for their money by the people they meet. Since it is not a secured site, it’s hard to see which profiles are legit and which ones are fake. That said, Craigslist does not take responsibility should cases like this occur. The website is not held accountable for members who have been led on and lied to by the users they meet.

Profiles are Not Verified

As said, none of the personals on Craigslist are verified. No one can attest the authenticity of their profiles. Given the negative side of the internet, one can easily use a photo of another to create a false persona. One should use Craigslist with a grain of salt. Identities can be fake and made up, which defies the actual purpose of signing up for the site which is to find true love.

Meetups are Not Secured

Since no one is handling the profiles and the personals signing up, meeting up with the other person becomes very risky. There is no guarantee of the real identity of the person and the site cannot be held responsible for any mishaps in the end. There have already been cases where meetups from Craigslists turned into local headlines the following day.

Meeting someone you’ve met online will always be scary, but with the unhandled profiles in Craigslist, the risk just gets higher. More than that, no one monitors the meetup itself. It could be a trap for a scam in the making, or it can be the start of something else.

Ukraine Singles

Sign up on the best platform for online dating in Ukraine.

Ukraine Singles is a subsidiary of the most respected foreign singles introduction and singles vacation in the world. It’s one of the oldest international online marriage agencies within the industry. The company is established and has been serving satisfied clients since its beginning in 1995. Throughout the years, Ukraine Singles have improved their services for the benefit of all love seekers out there

This site mainly highlights the beautiful Ukraine singles who are eager to meet the love of their life. These ladies are in love with the idea of tying the knot with a serious man. The search list of Ukraine Singles is managed by professional matchmakers who represent the company, as well as the enlisted singles. They are responsible for hands-on assistance to ensure that men and women from anywhere in the globe can meet and connect with their true love.

Host Company

Ukraine Singles mediate between clients and the girls enlisted on the site. The matchmakers assist clients on their troubles by providing mediums of communication, answers to questions, and the likes. It truly adds a sense of security to their services.

Clients can also access information within the site. They can reach out to them through the contact details provided. Should anything occur, it is guaranteed that the company is still reachable. The clients can allocate some sense of accountability on the company’s shoulders.

Verified Profiles and Personals

Contrary to Craigslist, all personals are verified by the staff of Ukraine singles. It is guaranteed that the photos and videos used are authentic. They were taken with consent and the other parties are aware that it is up on site.

The clients also have a sense of assurance that the photos of the girls on the site are the actual persons they will meet during the tours. In this company, the staff is tasked to verify all the profiles of Ukraine girls. This way, no unwanted schemes can happen to the clients.

Only the matchmakers have the details of the clients apart from themselves. Their personal data is kept safe. There is no need to worry about security problems while they search for their lovely bride. Not only do they get full access, but they also get full privacy when using the site

Meetups are Secured

Ukraine singles has its own singles group tours and individual tours. This singles vacation is designed for foreign men to meet Ukraine singles looking for a serious relationship. It is a legitimate social event where both parties can meet up. It comes with safety, accommodations, and fun social meetups.

Both the safety of the clients and the girls are secured by the management of the site. This gives both parties a hassle-free journey to meeting the love of their life. Tour staff will be present during the whole social, including qualified translators. All professional staff are qualified to organize this exciting event.

After all the points stated above, it is safe to say that Ukraine Singles has more positive things to look forward to rather than Craigslist. It offers verified profiles and secure meetups in Ukraine, which is far different from what Craigslist is able to offer.

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Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 24 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 30 July, 2024
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