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Valentine's Day Gifts Ukrainian Women LOVE

A phone with a message. Give your Ukrainian woman the perfect gift for Valentine's Day

There are a lot of guys who scroll through free dating apps because they hope to find love. Then some of those guys go ahead and find the love that they’re looking for with Ukrainian women and then some of the guys are lucky enough to enter relationships with those women.

But there are certain relationship traditions that need to be observed and the women in Ukraine are more than likely going to want to observe those traditions as well, even if certain holidays may not be as ubiquitous in other countries as they are in the United States.

One such holiday is Valentine’s Day and adhering to its traditions is going to be important for a guy who’s been spending a lot of time on dating sites and doesn’t have to anymore because signing up for the best free dating sites worked.

A pretty big tradition is exchanging gifts on Valentine’s Day, because the day is something that is generally seen as romantic and is something that a lot of couples can attach quite a bit of significance to.

There are of course times when a guy is with a Ukrainian woman on Valentine’s Day and he decides that a box of chocolates and some flowers just isn’t going to cut. Maybe he’s just a thoughtful guy in general or maybe he’s just feeling particularly generous.

The thing is that gifts can be really difficult to come by, not just because of their cost but also because there are a lot of guys out there who may not know their ladies well enough to know what they’re going to want to see when they open a box on February 14th.

But luckily, there’s gift guides out there and this is one of them. The great thing about this gift guide is that while it’s mostly applicable to Valentine's Day, it can be applied to a lot of other events as well, like anniversaries, birthdays, and other holidays.

1. A Gift Card

First up, there’s a gift card. It may not be the most thoughtful or romantic of gifts, but it can be a pretty useful one because gift cards are kind of like cash without actually being cash. This allows the recipient to have some choice as to what they get themselves.

Gift cards are also great because they’re easily available. A particular item may be sold out and not restocked until after Valentine’s Day, but gift cards are almost always available and sometimes they can be purchased for pretty significant discounts, like how a $50 card can sometimes be bought for $45 or a similar price point.

2. Really Good Chocolates

Eating really good chocolate has the same effect on the brain that falling in love does, so combining the two may be helpful to a guy in a relationship. Good chocolates aren’t generally the kind that can be found in gas stations or even supermarkets. No, these are the kind that you have to go to a dedicated bakery or chocolatier.

3. Winter Gear

Ukraine has a pretty long winter that lasts almost four months or about a third of the year. Now, the thing about winter is that it usually means snow and snow can be pretty uncomfortable when you’re not in the right gear.

Ukrainian women are probably going to get a lot of mileage out of a winter coat or a really good pair of winter boots. Bonus points if they’re lined with fur, either synthetic or not, because a fur lining can provide extra warmth and insulation -- both very desirable things in the middle of winter.

4. A Custom Phone Case

Smartphone usage is pretty high all over the world and Ukraine is no different. But the thing about smartphones is that they’re skinny bricks made of glass, aluminum, or some other material that’s not indestructible, which makes a protective case sort of a must-have for anyone who has a phone.

But a common phone case is not romantic. But a custom phone case printed with a picture of the two of you or inscribed with an important date or quite can be something that’s pretty romantic. Plus, it’ll help keep what is likely her main electronic device protected.

5. A Vacation

Romance doesn’t have to end with Valentine’s Day. In fact, it’s one of those things that, ideally, should be present all year round. So presenting someone with tickets and a hotel booking on Valentine’s Day can be pretty romantic because it’s a great way to show someone that you intend to still be with them at least until the point of the trip.

Of course, the trip itself can be pretty romantic since it offers you some alone time with your partner. Be warned that a whole vacation will probably cost a bit more than using free dating sites.

6. A Water Bottle

People generally need to drink water because water is something that the body needs. But water is one of those things that doesn’t have a taste but does have an ideal temperature -- cold. But even in a country like Ukraine, water does not always stay cold.

But an insulated water bottle can be pretty helpful when it comes to keeping things cold. Because of their insulation, water, or any other beverage, can remain cold for hours on end. It won’t last forever, but some can last as long as twelve hours before going up to room temperature.

7. A Framed Picture

People live in spaces and they generally decorate those spaces with trinkets and among those trinkets are pictures in frames. But most people use their phones to take pictures, which means that instead of physical pictures, most people have ones and zeroes that a computer renders into an image.

But those images can be printed out and put into a frame, preferably a special one that can keep the image safe for years to come.

8. A Really Nice Card

Now, a really nice card is a pretty great thing to get someone on Valentine’s Day. Plus, they’re pretty inexpensive. Now, the card itself is not usually the gift. But if you do get someone a gift, then you should probably add a card in there to accompany it.

Gifts are part and parcel of the whole Valentine's Day dating and internet dating thing, or at least that’s what’s traditional. But gifts can be hard to think of, but there are a few great staples that Ukrainian women are going to appreciate.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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