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Things A Ukrainian Woman Will Appreciate For Valentine's

Hearts against a pink background.
Make the heart of your Ukrainian woman soar with a nice gift.

Well, would you look at the time? And also the date? It’s that time of year again. The time of year when the holiday season is well and truly done with and it’s no longer time to celebrate family but it’s time to celebrate romantic love.

Valentine’s day is coming. Like previous holidays, the world is celebrating togetherness. But the togetherness you’re supposed to be celebrating is an altogether different variant of it, the romantic variant of it. But the thing is that, much like the holidays, you’re still expected to get someone a gift. But you’re with a Ukrainian woman and with her being from a foreign country, you’ve got no idea what to get her since she was raised in a culture that’s completely different from your own.

You might not even have that great a track record when it comes to giving gifts. Add in a lack of familiarity with Ukrainian culture and what the people of the Ukraine like, and you’ve basically got a recipe for disaster.

Maybe you can try introducing her to your culture. Maybe you can get her a few things that will help her get acclimated to either you or your country, which is also either her new country or it’s going to be her new country at some point in the not-too-distant future.

A gift card

Choice is the root of romance. You chose to try your hand at international dating. Your current partner chose to put herself out there on the internet the same way you did. You both chose the other.

Well, you can easily keep that energy going. Give her the gift of choice. Get her a gift card or two and let her choose her own present, let her choose what she wants. Ukrainian women know what they want so give your partner the tools she needs to go out and get what she wants.

You can also get her a digital gift card so she can buy herself something nice online if you’re not currently in the same location.

Keep in mind that you may want to get a really big gift card so as to handle the shipping costs that come with having to deliver packages to Ukraine.

Now, the main drawback of gift cards is that they’re accepted universally. You can’t take gift cards you buy from Store A and spend them at Store B. If you really want to get her the gift of choice, then maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to just wire her some money that way she can have her gift cards except that they’re universal.

Hearts in a vase.
Don’t let distance damper Valentine’s Day when you’re international dating.

A plane ticket

Now, you may not be physically together at the moment. There’s probably a few hundred or even thousand miles between your home country and Ukraine. That distance makes the logistics of gift-giving a little harder than it is for couples who live in the same general vicinity.

But you can buy her a plane ticket. The great part about that is that you don’t have to physically give her a slip of paper. You can buy the ticket, send her the confirmation email, and she can print it out herself.

The ticket can be to your home. Or you can buy the ticket for yourself and go to her country. Or the ticket can be to a third country that neither of you are familiar with so you can take a romantic trip as a couple.

You don’t have to time it so the trip itself has to take place on Valentine’s Day. You can just present her with the confirmation that the trip is going to happen and she’ll have something to look forward to.

A subscription to a streaming service

What do people do when they go on dates? A lot of the time, the answer is dinner and a movie. But here’s the thing: if your girl’s living in the Ukraine, she’s not anywhere near you. It’s among the most prevalent of problems when it comes to marrying a Ukrainian woman.

But just because you can’t take her out to your local theater doesn’t mean you can’t watch a movie with her. If you get her a subscription to a streaming service, then you and her can watch some movies together at the same time. You might not be able to watch the exact same thing every single time because of regional differences in content, but you’ll have a few options.

Plus, she’ll have something to do when she’s not with you, a few movies that she can watch and they can even help her get acclimated to your country and its culture.

A heart-shaped box of chocolates

One of the most enduring symbols of Valentine’s Day and romantic love in general is the heart. The shape is not anatomically correct by any means, but the triangle/bow combination is synonymous with the day. Some people even refer to Valentine’s Day as Hearts Day.

Well, that fascination with (anatomically incorrect) hearts extends to packaging as well. Chocolate that usually comes in rectangular packaging is packaged in boxes in the shape of a heart for the day. Afterwards, the heart-shaped boxes are typically sold at a discount, which is a treat for single people who didn’t get to be anyone’s Valentine.

Couple hugging.
Ukrainian women like to feel special and the right gift can do just that.

Some flowers

But the heart-shaped box of chocolate is not the only thing that’s synonymous with romance and is thus synonymous with Valentine’s Day. It’s main partner-in-crime is the bouquet of flowers. Normally, people get their partner’s favorite flowers. But there are also times when they don’t know what those flowers are or they’re unavailable, so people just go with long-stemmed red roses because red is the color that is supposedly symbolic of love.

Love transcends culture and country and the day on which love is celebrated also transcends culture and country. Ukrainian celebrate Valentine’s Day the same way you might. You may have to adjust for some cultural differences but in the end, just celebrate like you would with anyone else.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 19 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 25 June, 2024
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