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How to Flirt With a Woman Confidently

A man and woman flirting.
Flirt with a woman using your wit and charm.

Flirting is a romantic behavior that is designed to attract a person toward you.

It’s been done for hundreds of years. At first, it was meant as a kind of seduction skill using sweet nothings. Now, the word has been associated with flowers, springtime, and being young. Likewise, it has a connotation with fertility.

It is so versatile that it can be done on any occasion from any time in the day to late in the evening. You can flirt as soon as you meet her and be done in a few seconds, or it can be drawn out mid-conversation after a few hours. You can look into her eyes and form a quick smile to a passing lady or even a hello while utilizing body language.

Whatever the reason, it’s an important skill to have in your toolkit to entertain both you and your date. Having the skill and confidence to flirt from the first day of introductions to well into your years as a long-term couple is a big plus to have in anyone’s relationship, male or female.

Flirting can be done in a variety of ways. If you are seeing the person in front of you, then there are physical interactions that you can perform. It can be done online when you send messages and emotive images to each other. Sending gifts or flowers is another way to flirt.

The idea is to make your intentions clear subtly and playfully. You might be asking right now how to flirt with a woman. Let’s get straight into it.

Flirting In-Person

Physical flirtations require confidence and skill to pull off. Lacking those qualities won’t come by just researching and reading. It is like public speaking but different from it because you will be performing in front of only one person.

This means that you will need practice so that you can act without second-guessing yourself or suffering from needless embarrassment.

Here are some examples of physical flirtations.

  1. Look her in the eyes.

All it takes is to look a woman softly in the eyes. Make a smile and after a few moments, you can choose to break eye contact or until she looks away. This can be done whether you are far away or while you are conversing.

  1. Smile from across the room.

Are you on the opposite side of the room? Notice her until she catches on that you are looking at her from afar. When she looks your way, break a smile. Follow this up with a wave to greet her and approach her at the first opportunity.

  1. Lean in when conversing.

Leaning forward during conversation signals undivided attention. It indicates that you are interested in her and the topic the both of you are sharing. Make sure to not lean in too far as to invade her personal space but close enough to indicate your interest. If the both of you are communicating on a table, you can use your arm as a support.

  1. Try physical touch.

Physical touch should be done playfully and will require a sense of how comfortable she is with you. If it is done on the first meeting, consider peripheral touches or light grazing to the arms only if you believe she is comfortable with it and you think she likes you. Slight accidental touches with your foot or leg can be done if seated across from each other.

If on a date or follow-up date, physical touch can be done at any moment you are close together. This will require a bit of intuition into the situation so be sure to pay a little mind to the mood of your date when making physical contact.

Flirting Online

How to charm a woman online won’t require the physical perceptions that in-person situations have, but that doesn’t mean you can slack off on the creative side. You will need more creativity due to the limitations that online communication brings.

Apart from starting a conversation online, how can men charm a woman in visually creative ways?

  1. Try pick-up lines.

How to charm a lady with words? They are not meant to be taken seriously and are used lightheartedly. If you want to bring a smile or a giggle to your date partner or break the ice to allow for conversation, try a pick-up line through message or video conference.

  1. Compliment her picture once you are comfortable.

If you find something that impresses you on her profile picture, make a complimenting remark on it. It can be her eyes, hair, or smile. Tell her what you find interesting or remarkable about her personality too during your conversations.

  1. Send images and gifs.

These have an element of playfulness when used correctly. It can range from being uplifting and humorous to suggestive and enticing. Simple messages with a picture or gif telling her how beautiful she is with a feminine touch will give her a warm feeling. If you are a little closer to her, affectionate imagery might be done in a classy way.

  1. Old-fashioned letters, gifts, and flowers.

What woman wouldn’t be charmed by a handwritten letter from across the internet? Be sure you’ve given some time to the digital relationship before you ask if you could send a handwritten letter.

a bouquet of red and pink flowers
Sending flowers can elicit romantic feelings in your love interest.

Send flowers or stuffed animals with a small note that tells your love interest how much you thought of her would also be a viable option.

It’s the thought that counts.

Whether it’s in-person or online flirting, what counts is that you message your affections to the woman in question.

If you’re flirting with the lady in an in-person situation, make sure that your body language shows interest in your conversation partner. Focus on their eyes whether they are close or far. Always hold a smile and make gestures that show your interest.

When you are conversing with a woman, be sure to give her your undivided attention and try a light physical touch on her hand or leg if you feel she would be comfortable with it.

When online, try many avenues of evoking interest through the use of messages and conversation. Light-hearted pick-up lines and compliments will take you very far. Just be sure that they are relevant to her profile picture.

Messaging pictures and gifs can add another dimension to courtship. They can range from being funny to eliciting romantic feelings depending on their use.

Lastly, you can consider sending handwritten letters and other gifts that you think she would find charming and happy to receive. The effect of gifts and flowers is dependent on the receiver. For example, a dog lover would be pleased to receive dog plushies.

However you go about it, what counts is that you thought about her and signaled your intentions toward her in a playful and amorous way. It doesn’t even have to be serious at times. The idea is to have fun with the activity. With a little reading and practice, in time you will find it second nature in charming any woman in-person or online.

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